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Your duties

Join the Digital Revolution at Trusted Shops! With a user base of 30 million and a presence in 30,000 shops across Europe spanning two decades, Trusted Shops is at the forefront of the digital landscape. As our need for data-driven decision-making skyrockets, our Data Platform becomes the cornerstone for storing and leveraging data, benefiting both our internal teams and external Stakeholders.

Utilizing Cloud-based Technologies, our Team of skilled Data Engineers (f/m/d) manage a large variety of Datasets tailored for an even larger number of Use Cases, with abundant room for creative Innovation. Want to be part of crafting a market-leading Data Platform?
We're actively searching for a talented Senior Data Engineer (f/m/d) to join our Team. Don't miss out – be part of the transformation!

What your role's responsibilities will include:

  • Craft and deliver standardized interfaces for Data Ingestion, Transformation, and serving within the Data Platform.
  • Take charge of the end-to-end Implementation, Monitoring, and upkeep of Data Pipelines.
  • Maintain top-notch Data Quality and transparency through rigorous quality checks, Continuous Monitoring, and effective alerting throughout the Data Lifecycle.
  • Collaborate closely with the Team to pinpoint opportunities for innovative enhancements to the Data Platform, harnessing both existing and new Technologies.
  • Streamline the Onboarding Process for our Data Providers, making it easier for them to contribute valuable Data to our Platform.
  • Act as a bridge between Stakeholders and Team Members, adept at identifying their Requirements and translating them into tangible results.

What your day as a Senior Data Engineer (f/m/d) might look like:

  • Kickstart your day by crafting your workspace – setting the tone for a productive day ahead, whether it's at the Office or your personalized Home Setup.
  • Dive into a dynamic mix of Tasks, ranging from immediate operational duties to visionary, long-term Projects, all managed through your personalized Task Manager.
  • Join your Team for the daily Meeting, where you collectively lay the groundwork for the day's objectives.
  • Collaborate on the Design and execution of Data Pipelines, seamlessly gathering, transforming, and loading Data from diverse Sources into a centralized Repository.
  • Engage with Data Analysts (f/m/d) and various Dtakeholders to grasp their Requirements and create Data Models that streamline Data Analysis.
  • It's lunchtime! Enjoy a meal at home with your significant other or join team members and colleagues in exploring nearby restaurants.
  • If you're in the office, seize the opportunity to indulge in treats like Waffle Day or Health Day. Grab a freshly baked Waffle or a freshly crushed Smoothie, reenergizing you for the tasks at hand.
  • Afternoons may involve more productive Meetings and Work Sessions:
    • Tackle Data Quality and integrity Challenges Head-on, addressing issues like Data inconsistencies and missing Data within Production Pipelines.
    • Craft and maintain automated Data Monitoring Systems, complete with alert mechanisms, ensuring the seamless operation and adherence to Quality Standards in our Data Pipelines.
    • Play a crucial role in Code Reviews, Testing, and documenting Data Engineering Solutions.
  • If you're in the Office today? Extend your day with a refreshing moment on the Rooftop Terrace, savoring a complimentary Drink before bidding the Office adieu – because we value work-life balance.
  • Or was this your monthly self-education day? In which case, no meetings for you today, but a self-chosen agenda of learning and self-improvement.

Your profile

  • Extensive years of experience in a Cloud-based environment, particularly in the field of Data Engineering.
    • Familiarity with AWS services like Athena, Glue, Lambda, and CloudWatch is a strong advantage.
  • Proficiency in ELT processes for Data Transformation, coupled with Hands-On experience utilizing Orchestration Frameworks such as Luigi, Airflow, Prefect, or Dagster.
  • Thorough understanding of common Data Formats (CSV, JSON, Parquet, etc.) and typical Data Interfaces.
  • Demonstrated expertise in essential Data Concepts, including Data Lineage, Data Quality Management, Data Privacy (GDPR) Compliance, Observability, and Incident Management.
  • Highly skilled in Python and SQL; additional knowledge of Terraform and Bash Scripting is considered a Bonus.
  • Fluent in English, and proficiency in German is an advantageous asset but not mandatory.

What we offer you

  • The freedom to do a really good job
  • New Work: work up to 100% mobile (or on-site/hybrid) within Germany and take advantage of our flexible model.
  • One "Self-Education Day" per month
  • 30.5 days vacation 
  • Individual training opportunities
  • Health Pass (free online and offline sports, fitness and health courses)
  • Team events (summer party, Christmas party, unit events)
  • An international and diverse environment - colleagues from over 40 nations who work for 13 markets in 5 offices across Europe
  • An unique company spirit - an open error culture, enthusiasm for good results, and giving every individual room for growth

"Take your career to the next level with us and turn each day into a journey of growth and fulfillment!"


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At Trusted Shops, we are interested in you as a person - whether you fit in with us is
independent of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion/belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity. Trusted Shops is clearly committed to diversity and against discrimination.

Alessandro Canu

Alessandro Canu

Inhouse Tech Recruiter

Your benefits in data & analytics

New work

Work from wherever you feel most comfortable. Whether in one of our 5 offices or temporary from another location in Europe.

Health Pass

Stay fit – physically and psychologically. Our company health management offers you a wide range of courses, presentations and workshops.

International flair

With a team from more than 40 different nations, it never gets boring. We celebrate our diversity and the countless new perspectives it gives us.

Individual development opportunities

Unleash your talent and improve your individual skills that support you in your work.

Buddy programme

Your buddy will help you settle in when you first start out with us. Later, you can also share your experience with new colleagues.

Team events

Whether in summer, winter or whenever it suits your team – we enjoy spending time together.

Our values


Open and clear communication gets us to our goals quickly. Address your topics openly – we will find a solution for everything together.


Every single one of our colleagues is a valuable part of our community. Respectful interaction and openness are prerequisites for our work.


We know you’re doing a great job – otherwise you wouldn't be here. We trust you, your skills, ideas and intentions.

Employee reviews

Marcel Münchrath
Marcel Münchrath
Data Analyst

I have been working as a "Data Analyst" at Trusted Shops since mid-2021 and work independently and in collaboration with colleagues on the topic of data. I have made it my task to provide automated, data-driven, real-time insights for customer success management in order to initiate measures for customer-oriented solutions and decisions. This is done through independent analysis, defining and determining KPIs, and creating dashboards. I enjoy supporting my team and Trusted Shops in achieving our goals with these data-driven topics day after day.

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