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Your duties

Trusted Shops develops SaaS solutions for over 30 million users and 30,000 businesses across Europe. Our product suite includes products such as the Trustmark, Buyer Protection and the eTrusted experience feedback platform. Our products are part of a 20-year mission to enable trust between people and businesses in the digital age.

Home of our product development is the Products & Engineering department, which consists of 14 cross-functional product teams across 3 product domains (Consumer, Business and Platform), working in an agile environment.

What your role is about:

  • We are looking for a Cloud Engineer (f/m/d) in our Consumer Domain, who thrives in a creative, changing environment, loves to build great products and is passionate about positively impacting the user experience.
  • It is a position for the Guarantee team, where we build the core product for our Consumers: the buyer protection.
  • The Team consists of Frontend- and Backend Engineers (f/m/d), Product Owner (f/m/d), QA (f/m/d) and an Agile Coach (f/m/d) that work together and cross-functional on the same goal.
  • In your role you will need good experience in the implementation of cloud infrastructure solutions with AWS and with Infrastructure as Code using Terraform. Your focus will be in supporting and enabling the team colleagues, but also being part of the implementation topics.
  • We are using AWS Lambda Functions and containers running on ECS to build our applications. You should read logs and find errors within our infrastructure, but also within our backend components which are built with Java, Typescript or Python. There are also parts of our application in our old JBoss monolith, which we are migrating to our serverless infrastructure.
  • We rely on the "You build it, you own it" philosophy, where you take charge of shepherding changes through every stage until they go live in production. A very good understanding of CI/CD, ideally implementing it with CircleCI, is a must. In addition to development, you'll also be involved in monitoring and automating aspects of our infrastructure, which is setup as Infrastructure as Code with Terraform.
  • Most important is your will to thrive and a positive mindset to learn new things but also to make the world a little better every day, together with your colleagues.

Why you should join Trusted Shops:

  • As the most relevant asset, we care for teams and the organisation. Your Engineering Manager actively supports you in your personal development and works on removing organisational impediments.
  • We care about your health with monthly health activities and give you 1 additional day of holiday if you collect enough ‘Health Activity Stars’ in a year.
  • We care about your education – every last friday of the month is the self education friday, where you can join our internal tech talks, read a book or take time to work on your goals.
  • If you want to know more about our organisation, feel free to check out the LinkedIn articles of our CTO:

What your day as a Cloud Engineer (f/m/d) might look like:

  • Starting your day with setting up your mobile working environment – or adjusting your table at the office.
  • Opening your individual task manager and getting your mind into the stories you are working on at the moment – from short term operative to long term big stories being part of even larger epics.
  • Meeting with the team in the daily standup and setting the stage for the collaborative work of the day. You’ll probably have a look at your backlog together – or your Kanban board or whatever style of agile collaboration the team favours.
  • You continue working on the stories, tasks and bugs from the current sprint or the Kanban board. Do some focus time coding session alone or work on issues together in a pair or mob-programming session.
  • Lunch break! Grabbing a bite at home with your SO or maybe gathering a few colleagues and explore the restaurants around the office?
  • In the office today? Maybe Waffle Day or Health Day? Don’t forget to grab freshly baked waffle or a Smoothie before getting back to your desk.
  • Work sessions and maybe some meetings in the afternoon. It is completely up to you and the team how long and in which constellations and formats you work!
  • Still in the office? Get a free drink on the rooftop terrace before going home, maybe? And remember: We don’t believe into working till the middle of the night here.
  • Or was this your monthly self-education day? In which case, no meetings for you today, but a self-chosen agenda of learning and self-improvement.

Your profile

  • Good Experience in the implementation of cloud infrastructure solutions (AWS) and with Infrastructure as Code (Terraform)
  • Good knowledge of at least one of the following programming languages (Java, Python, Typescript)
  • Good knowledge of containerization (Docker, AWS ECS)
  • Good knowledge in building CI/CD pipelines, ideally with CircleCI
  • Ability to read code & logs and thus find application errors
  • Ability to find infrastructure errors and, if necessary, build a bridge to associated application errors
  • You have gathered several years of experience as a Clout Engineer.
  • You collaborate based on mutual respect.
  • You have excellent communication skills in English. German is a plus.

You stay focused on the big goals and go the extra mile to bring everyone there

What we offer you

  • The freedom to do a really good job
  • New Work: work up to 100% mobile (or on-site/hybrid) within Germany and take advantage of our flexible model
  • One "Self Education Day" per month
  • 30.5 days vacation
  • Individual training opportunities
  • Health Pass (free online and offline sports, fitness and health courses)
  • Team events (summer party, Christmas party, unit events)
  • An international and diverse environment - colleagues from over 40 nations who work for 13 markets in 5 offices across Europe
  • An unique company spirit - an open error culture, enthusiasm for good results, and giving every individual room for growt


Not sure if you are what we are looking for? Apply!
At Trusted Shops, we are interested in you as a person - whether you fit in with us is
independent of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion/belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity. Trusted Shops is clearly committed to diversity and against discrimination.

Christian Ramrath

Christian Ramrath

Inhouse Recruiter Commercial
What opportunities does "new work" offer our colleagues? Patrick tells us his story
What opportunities does "new work" offer our colleagues? Patrick tells us his story

Your benefits in tech

New work

Work from wherever you feel most comfortable. Whether in one of our 5 offices or temporary from another location in Europe.

Health Pass

Stay fit – physically and psychologically. Our company health management offers you a wide range of courses, presentations and workshops.

International flair

With a team from more than 40 different nations, it never gets boring. We celebrate our diversity and the countless new perspectives it gives us.

Individual development opportunities

Unleash your talent and improve your individual skills that support you in your work.

Buddy programme

Your buddy will help you settle in when you first start out with us. Later, you can also share your experience with new colleagues.

Team events

Whether in summer, winter or whenever it suits your team – we enjoy spending time together.


In cross-team guilds, we work on current topics in a self-organised and practical manner, e.g. in the Architecture guild or the DevOps guild


We like to think outside the box, developing useful and creative solutions to problems during small events – whether related to work or not

Peer- /mob-programming

Many people work together to develop the best code. This allows us to progress even more effectively in projects and to learn from each other.

Knowledge marketplace

Everyone can offer knowledge or search for it on a kind of bulletin board. This creates spontaneous training sessions with each other

Agile Coach

Agile coaches are available to you and your teams so that you can be successful together.

Our values


Open and clear communication gets us to our goals quickly. Address your topics openly – we will find a solution for everything together.


Every single one of our colleagues is a valuable part of our community. Respectful interaction and openness are prerequisites for our work.


We know you’re doing a great job – otherwise you wouldn't be here. We trust you, your skills, ideas and intentions.

Our application process


Are you passionate about the code behind our products?

Programming Lanugages
Programming Lanugages

Java: Java is used by some of our Tech teams and supports us with components that have complex logic, usually in combination with Spring Boot 

TypeScript: We use TypeScript combined with the Angular and React frameworks in the frontend and also on the server side with NodeJS 

Kotlin: We sometimes use Kotlin as an alternative to Java for server-side solutions and for our mobile development 

Python: We often use Python when processing or transforming data. We also occasionally write services in it with the help of AWS Lambda 


Angular: Particularly in our B2B area, we rely on Angular for our frontend in order to be able to develop interactive solutions efficiently 

React: React is used when the performance of our solutions is important. Our B2C environment, in particular, benefits from React (shop profiles, trust badges, widgets, etc.) 

Spring Boot: When it comes to complex business logic in Java and Kotlin, we use Spring Boot. It is deployed in Kubernetes clusters 

NodeJS: Our focus is on serverless, and we often use typescript in the backend. We mostly use NodeJS in combination with AWS Lambda 

Service & Tools
Service & Tools

Circle CI:  CircleCI is our CI/CD tool for automated builds, testing & deployment 

GitHub:  GitHub supports our internal open source policy and enables cross-team cooperation and feedback 

Ansible: We use Ansible to provide our virtual servers in a repeatable and automated way 

Terraform: Our AWS infrastructure is fully managed with Terraform. This allows us to keep a simple history of all changes and minimise the manual effort. 

Databases & Hosting
Databases & Hosting

DynamoDB: DynamoDB is often used to access large amounts of data in real time. We regularly use it with AWS Lambda to provide a scalable solution. 

PostgreSQL/MySQL: If flexibility of data access is paramount, then we also use relational databases 

AWS:  For us, it's "cloud first" so that we are able to scale the infrastructure of our products. Here we rely on services such as AWS Lambda, S3 and DynamoDB 

Employee reviews

Dariia Spychak
Dariia Spychak
Backend Developer

Right now we are working on a new major project for user management and permissions, which is interesting but also complex and has many aspects that will allow it to be integrated into other components. I really like the fact that, as developers within the team, we can decide which technology and programming language we want to use and how we structure the processes. This can sometimes be a challenge, but it helps us gain a lot of new experience. I can work on anything I want to learn about on self-learning days. And of course we have a very friendly and open working atmosphere. Team building events and mob/pair programming sessions also contribute to this. 

Jan Beilfuß
Jan Beilfuß
Frontend Developer

I am currently working in the Review Insights team. In this product team, we work on frontends that help our customers, i.e. online retailers, to draw valuable information from the collected reviews. I have another colleague in the team from the front-end team with whom I work closely. This starts with the planning and discussion of solutions and ends with the joint revision of the written code. Overall, the working atmosphere at Trusted Shops is very pleasant and relaxed. Thanks to a specially developed platform solution, each product team can build its own micro frontends and is thus independent of the other product teams. This means that you are not restricted in your choice of framework, for example - however, we mainly use the common JavaScript frameworks. Personal development is also encouraged. This year, for example, I was able to take part in a one-week summer school on the topic of deep learning, and we basically have one day a month at our disposal to continue our education as we see fit.

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